A step-by-step phonemic awareness and visual-auditory program to help all children achieve literacy success.

Crack The Code is a reading and spelling program that can be used to teach any child, especially phonologically dyslexic children, how to read and spell.

What is Crack the Code?

Crack The Code is a reading and spelling program that can be used to teach any child (but especially phonologically dyslexic children) how to read and spell.

It has been especially written for professionals working in the field of developing struggling students’ literacy skills, but can also be used by parents and has also been successfully adapted for use in the classroom by many schools.

The program is essentially a phonemic awareness program applied to reading and writing, but what makes it different to other programs is that it also focuses on effectively teaching a student to competently hear, say, read and write vowel sounds using visual signs because these are the most common and yet most difficult sounds to hear, read and spell – especially within words.

The program has been developed over 20 years of working with students’ literacy – individually, in groups and in classrooms. As previously mentioned it uses a blended phonemic awareness and visual as well as auditory approach. It focuses on improving the child’s ability to read and write vowel sounds within words by teaching vowel signs for each of the twenty Australian vowel sounds. Each group of vowels must be mastered and applied to reading and writing words and sentences (to a competent level) before moving on to the next group of vowels.

The program has been immensely successful with students of all ages because struggling students in this area usually have better visual than auditory skills so benefit from learning visual signs for each of the twenty vowel sounds.


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What Parents and Teachers Say

I have been teaching for over 35 years and have nothing but high praise for Stephen Flynn’s ‘Crack the Code’ program.  I began using the program 5 months ago and in that time my Year 1 and 2 indigenous students have made significant gains in reading, writing and knowledge of sight words. The program is amazingly easy to implement, requiring no special resources and the students have immediate take up of the program. It gave my students the confidence to  become independent writers, improved their reading levels from 2 to 7 levels and tripled their sight word recognition. It is the most comprehensive, systematic program that teaches children the phonological skills to become literate and it delivers results! So exciting!

Thanks Stephen!

Deborah Walsley

Year 1/2 Teacher

My daughter struggled with reading and writing throughout Prep and Grade one.  Stephen Flynn’s program called “Crack the Code” was a positive influence on her improvements in these learning areas and others.  My daughter was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Stephen, in person over three school semesters, culminating in drastic improvements.  A valuable
program that all schools would benefit from.

Amanda Ellis


We have been using the Crack the Code program at our school for the past two years. Originally designed to be used in clinical therapy with additional home support, the program has been adapted for use in a whole class setting. Our Prep students are introduced to the program towards the end of Term 1 once they have been introduced to a selected number of sounds. They learn to blend and track sounds in words leading to writing and reading words of increasing number of sounds. Lessons are differentiated so that more able students advance through the program.

Similarly in Year 1, lessons are differentiated with students able to apply spelling rules and base words and endings to enable them to read and write words. Our data indicates improved levels of reading and spelling across both year levels. Our parents are delighted with the progress of their children and are very supportive of the program. We are so impressed with the success of this
sequential program that it is being introduced into Years 2 and 3 for 2014.

June Noblet

St Vincent’s, Clear Island Waters. Qld 4226